As you already know, the “fall back” time change has taken place.  This means that it will likely be getting dark before many of you get home from work in the evenings.  Brightening up your home will become more important to you during this time of year as most of us don’t like coming home to a dark house after a long day at work.  Below are a few ideas and tips for home lightening that may be helpful to you. 

  1.  An easy way to brighten up your house without having to purchase any new lighting is to add mirrors to reflect the light you already have in your home.  This is a great way to make a room seem brighter and lighter that won’t cost you a lot of money.  You can find decorative mirrors anywhere but if you really don’t want to spend a lot, try looking at your local yard sales for a steal of a find. 
  2. Another idea for  brightening up your home  is to install dimmers on the lights you already have.  This is a good way to make a dimly lit room into a brighter situation easily.  When you want more light all you have to do is to turn the dimmer switch up instead of buying more lighting for a particular room. 
  3. If you want a room to appear brighter, a great way to do it that is to add a few fake windows with some led lightning.  This would be a good idea for a basement room that may likely look quite gloomy otherwise.  This particular idea is a bit “out of the box” but it is a good one none the less. 
  4. Paint can also go a long way to making a dark dreary room look a bit brighter.  You don’t always have to paint a room white to make it look brighter however, grays and other neutral tones will do quite well. 
  5. If you want your home to look brighter and not so dark, why not add shear shades instead of heavy curtains.  This is a good tip for those of you who love the look that window treatments give to a home without the dark dreary feel many curtains can give. 

These are just a few ideas and tips for brightening up your home.  There are many others like these to choose from but these will get you started thinking in the right direction.  

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.