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Where Do You Want To Live

Where Do You Want To Live

Where Do You Want To Live & What Is Important To You

If you grew up in Delaware, you have an idea of where you want to live. I have heard this over and over, “I would not live anywhere but ________,” You can fill in the blank. It might be because you have family in the area, you want a certain school district,  could be the commute to work is ideal, it can even be the style of the house or the yard the house sits on. I have family and friends in many different communities and areas and all like where they live and all have a reason why… location, location, location.

However, if you are not from this area, and know nothing other than what you have found on the internet, what do you do? You find an experienced Realtor who does know the area and listens to what is important to YOU.

After listening and learning of your needs and wants your Realtor will plan a tour of homes and areas based upon the information and expressed desires for a home and area. Your Realtor should have you well educated about the properties you are going to see before you step foot into the first home.

When you set out on your tour look, really look. Driving down the road, look at the road, do you want your teenager driving on it every day?  Look at the area and homes, are they taken care of, is the grass cut. Look at what is near, is there grocery stores, shopping any restaurants. Is a park important? Look for the things that say to you, I could live here!

They say there is a home and a place for everyone. Finding that fit is one of the best parts of being a Realtor. When I see someone that I have sold a home to and they say “I love my house and where I live” I know as a professional I have done the right thing.

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