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Why Use Robbins Team Buyer Specialist

Why Use Robbins Team Buyer Specialist

 How do I know how to find the right Realtor?
How do I know how much experience my Realtor has?
What if I am new to the area, who should I use?

The real estate world today is changing rapidly. The process of buying is now a myriad of details and, much like a chain of dominos, if one detail is overlooked it can result in the failure of the whole buying process. To give every attention to each facet of the sale and give superlative service is sometimes hard to achieve as an individual agent therefore the team concept was created. Sharing responsibilities ensures that every attention to detail is attained. Each member is knowledgeable in the current market, trends, technology and is ready to help every buyer in any situation find the property and area that best fits their needs.

From the first hello to walking you through the door of your new home, your Robbins Team Buyer's Agent will give you the exemplary service every buyer needs and deserves. Your satisfaction is our best referral!

Selecting a Buyer's Agent

Question 1: What systems/partners do you have to help with the process?

Real Estate sales is more than a full time job. It requires the work of more than one person and without support, too many details can "fall through the cracks". And EVERY detail is important.

Question 2: How do you determine value/pricing for a home?

This is EXTREMELY important. You need a Realtor who understands the market and how to assess homes.

Question 3: How does the absorption rate affect the sale of the home?

Absorption rate is used by accomplished agents to help the client understand the state of the local market. Is it a buyer's, seller's or stable market? The answer is not always what you read and hear. Ask the agent what the absorption rate is and whether it is going up or down. Absorption rate is defined as how long it will take, at the present sales rate, to sell every home currently listed, provided no new homes come on the market. It is also known as the months of inventory. If the agent doesn't know what you are talking about, run for the hills.

Question 4: What are 3 things that distinguish you from other local Realtors?

Many agents will say experience, but look for things like negotiating skills, knowledge of the market, and particular strengths in housing areas in which you are interested.

We hope these questions will assist you in selecting the very best Buyer's Agent to match your real estate needs. If you are moving to another area of the country, we at The Robbins Team actively screen Buyer's Agents throughout the continent for our clients. We will be pleased to interview local Realtors in any part of the country for you, to get you the right Buyer's Agent for your next purchase. 

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