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Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Another thing that we do differently at the Robbins Team is how we develop a pricing strategy. We use a licensed appraiser who is familiar with all the local market conditions to help develop the asking price. A full appraisal is done on your home so you can be aware of the maximum price that is achievable and still have your buyer able to get a mortgage. This is not a CMA or mini market analysis, but a full appraisal, the same as your buyer will get for their mortgage.

There are basically three different ways that a home can be valued:

1) The Robbins Team Approach using a Full Time Licensed Appraiser. This is the most accurate.

2) A Comparative Market Analysis done by a typical realtor. This is less accurate because the Realtor is not an expert at pricing. Realtors are expert at marketing.

3) Online Market Analysis which can be done by you using different internet websites. This is the least accurate method.
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After the licensed appraiser has done the appraisal we will talk together to develop an asking price. that price can vary from the appraised price in three ways:

A) Wiggle Room - we can price the home a bit above the appraised price. This give us some "wiggle room". We can leave room to wiggle our way down to the top selling price.

B) Market - We price the home at the market (appraised) price.

C) Worry - We price the home below the appraised price. This generates the fastest sale because each buyer is worried that if they don't move quickly, the house will be sold to another person.


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