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Questions For A Buyers Agent

Questions For A Buyers Agent

1. How many years have you been in the business?

Sometimes this is simply used as a Realtor's best asset, however someone in the business 4 years may know as much as someone in for 40 years. Instead of looking at years look at the Realtor's transactions and productivity.

2. How many homes do you sell each year? 

This can be a combination of homes listed and sold. According to NAR the average agent sells or lists 10 homes a year. It is important to find a Realtor that does real estate everyday, not as a part time job.

3. What system or partners do you have to help with the process?

Real estate is not just a full time job it can be a 24 hour job therefore having a team of professionals around you can make the process go smooth and assure that all basis are covered during the transaction.

4. Who will be working with me throughout the transaction?

This is a great question when interviewing a team. You will want to know your main contact and if they are not available the next go to person, so you always can be in contact when needed.

5. What are the 3 things that distinguish you from other Realtors in your market?

Ask what makes their service different, how are their negotiating skills, ask for experiences they have had that made them successful, and how those will relate to you.

We hope these questions will assist you in selecting the BEST Realtor for your needs. We at The Robbins Team actively screen Realtors throughout the country for our clients. If you are moving/relocating  and want to make sure you get the Best Relator contact The Robbins Team, we will get you the right one for your next transaction.




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