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Protecting Yourself From Moving Scams

by Tucker Robbins

It appears
 every week, we’re reading about a new scam to be watchful for, and sadly, moving scams are out there.  Some news reports have shown interviews with families who have never found their belongings months after a move!  Protect yourself by keeping these tips in mind when hiring movers: 


  • - Reputable moving companies charge a fee based on weight, along with their base fee.  If you’ve talked with someone who has given you a basic price without coming to your home to estimate, or who doesn’t look at everything you have, they may throw an extra fee on your balance before they’ll move your items into the new home. 

  • - If the movers ask for a deposit, find another company.  Paying money up front takes away your control over having your belongings delivered where and when you want them.   

  • - Before you or the movers start packing, take a written inventory of your things, and take photos of fragile, expensive, or irreplaceable items. 

  • - Get a contract, go over it with a fine-tooth comb, and once it’s signed, make your own copy so you won’t have and edited version with added charges once it’s time to deliver to the new home. 

  • - If you’re moving to another state, movers are required to give you a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” according to the Office of Inspector General. If the company you’re interested in doesn’t offer it to you, ask for it, and if they don’t have it, find another mover. 

  • - Once things are packed, number your boxes and list them on your inventory, and once you’re moved in, unpack or at least look in every single box.  Your time for filing damages is limited, and the sooner you get that done, the better. 

  • - Most mover’s insurance only covers damage to items that they packed.  If you insist on packing some things yourself, take them with you in your vehicle or rental. 

  • - Stumped on finding a reputable company?  Head over to the American Moving and Storage Association’s website, where it’s easier to find a mover in your area. 


Remember, your RealtorⓇ knows all about the ins and outs of moving and can help you locate a good company who will take care of your worldly goods and treat you right. 


Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins

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Making New Friends After a Move

by Tucker Robbins

Relocating to a new city, or even a new area, can be hard enough without missing your old friends. Finding new friends and acquaintances can be easy if you put some effort and a little research in it.  


Your New Neighbors 

  • 1. Once you're settled, go for a walk and introduce yourself when you see neighbors outside.  

  • Have a porch or front yard gathering on a weekend afternoon. Offer light, simple snacks and invite the whole neighborhood.  

  • 2. Get outside and work on the landscaping, small DIY projects, or sit on the front steps with a good book. Your neighbors then have the opportunity to say hello. 

  • 3. Just a few outdoor decorations can bring compliments from neighbors, always an easy way to start a conversation. 

  • 4. If you have pets, especially a dog, they make great ice-breakers when you're out for a stroll.  

  • 5. Visit your local small businesses and you'll see enough familiar faces over time that saying “Hello” will be easy.  

  • 6. Ask your realtor if there's a neighborhood community center, and call to see how you can get involved.  

  • 7. Children make great conversation-starters.  They love finding nearby kids to hang out with, and taking them for a bike ride is a great way to get to know other families. 

  • 8. Host a fun, child-centered activity in your front yard with outdoor games and snacks.  Invite the kids in the neighborhood and their parents, and they will come! 


Your New Town 

  • 1. Ask current friends if they know anyone in your new area, and get in touch with them.  

  • 2. Contacts from local organizations--these can provide you with lots of information about your new hometown, as well as introduce you to new people.  

  • 3. Search social media for events taking place in your area and go to them!  

  • 4. Invite your new coworkers to lunch or coffee.  

  • 5. Getting the kids involved in activities will connect you with locals and other parents.  

  • 6. Hobbyists sometimes have get-togethers for like-minded people. Find a nearby group with your same interest, and join them.  

  • 7. School parent organizations are a great place to meet other parents.  


It seems that we are always busy working, or driving our children to so many activities, that a relaxing weekend in front of the tv sounds like the perfect down time. Getting to know who your neighbors are, however, can be invaluable to feeling at home in your new home, and only takes a little effort on your part.  


Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   


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Items to Throw Out Before You Move

by Tucker Robbins

Although moving from an old house into a new house can be an exciting time it can also be a very stressful time for those folks who don’t like to throw anything out.  Don’t worry you can keep most of your items but there are a few that should most definitely be thrown out before you move and those are listed for you below.   


  1. 1. If you have a lot of old towels and rags lying around your house, whether you use them or not, you might want to get rid of those before you move  into another home.  These types of things can carry bacteria on them and you don’t want to start out in your new place with dirty items when you can purchase new ones once you arrive. 


  1. 2. Make-up is good to have but it does have a shelf life and once that has passed it isn’t really good to keep it around.  Avoid the compulsion to throw all of your old makeup into a box and take it with you.  Although you might perhaps use it once or twice there really is no need for it because it won’t look as nice as a new pallet of makeup.   


  1. 3. Soaps, deodorants, nail polish,  and sunscreen maybe things you use on a regular basis but you really don’t need to take up space in your moving boxes for these types of items.  These things don’t cost a lot of money and can easily be purchased anywhere.  


  1. 4. Once you start packing and you find a ton of USB cables, realize that you don’t need them all and get rid of a few of them.   You may have a friend in need of a USB cable that you can bless with one or two.   


  1. 5. Don’t pack paperwork unless it is absolutely necessary.  Of course you will have to keep important contracts and tax information but most of the paperwork you’ve collected over the years is likely now obsolete and can be thrown out before you head out.   


  1. 6. Last but not least, go ahead and let go of all of the clothes you can no longer fit into.  Donating these types of items can many times be a big blessing to others.   


These are just a few ideas of things you might want to get rid of before you move.  By doing this you will avoid having to unpack all sorts of unnecessary items and will save yourself a ton of time in the process.   


Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   

Common Moving Mistakes To Try To Avoid

by Tucker Robbins

Moving mistakes to avoid

Moving into your dream home is one of the most wonderful and exciting feelings in the world. However, there are a few moving mistakes that you should try to avoid at all costs if you can.  A few of these mistakes are listed below.  Be sure to do whatever you can do to avoid making these moving mistakes.

  1. Typically, when folks move they hire a moving company.  If you are moving from one state to another, don’t make the mistake of thinking or expecting your things to arrive before you do.  Many times your possessions will not even arrive all at one time.  It may be that it takes a couple weeks for everything to arrive at your new home.  Don’t panic.  Realize that this may be the case in the first place and you won’t freak out when it happens to you.
  2. One issue when moving into a new home that folks may have is more of just a personal mistake.  To avoid this mistake do your best to let go of the past and embrace the new home and the changes it will bring to your life.  Don’t try to recreate your old home in your new home.  Allow for some growth and change to enter your life and you will be more able to enjoy all that is new. 
  3. Be sure to call the school district where you would like your children to attend to make sure they have room for more students.  It is not a good feeling to move into a new home with the expectation of sending your children to a wonderful school only to find out they don’t have room for them and you end up having to send them to a less desirable school system. 
  4. If you have to store a few things while you move, do your best to get them out of storage as soon as possible.   Most storage centers charge a monthly fee to store your stuff and there is no need to pay a bill that is not exactly necessary longer than you absolutely have to.   A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used something in a couple of weeks to a month you don’t need it and you should throw it out or give it away.  Don’t fall into the trap of storing all of your “stuff” for extended periods of time just because you think you might use it one day. 

Hopefully this list of moving issues you should try to avoid will be helpful to you in your next move.  Do your part to make the move an easy one by realizing what things you should avoid.

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4

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