The time of year is upon us when we gather together and indulge in our favorite foods.  It’s so easy to slip Fido or Kitty a little scrap now and then, but it may not be such a good idea.  See this list for human foods that may or not be good for your pets. 


  • 1. Turkey may be an ingredien.t in some pet foods, and a bite or two of cooked, white meat is a nice treat. The skin, however, contains fat as well as spices that can cause an upset stomach, or worse, pancreatitis.  If they get turkey, remove the skin. 

  • 2. If you’re celebrating with prime rib, or ham, a few bites of meat without herbs or spices is a nice snack.  

  • 3. Bones of any kind can be a real danger because of splintering, and could cause choking as well as a perforated digestive system. 

  • 4. Gravy is a yummy treat poured over their regular food, but limit it to a few tablespoonsful.  Gravies are usually too salty for animals, and are high in fats. 

  • 5. Before you turn your baked sweet potatoes or pureed pumpkin into pies, pass a spoonful or two along as a treat.  Both are rich in vitamins and high in fiber, and are a great anytime snack. 

  • 6. Onions are a definite no--they contain thiosulphate, which is quite harmful to dogs and cats. 

  • 7. Stuffing may not only be too carb-rich, but the onions, garlic and spices that most stuffing’s contain can be toxic your pets. 

  • 8. Going sugar free? Make sure your artificial sweetener doesn’t contain xylitol, and if it does, make absolute certain your pet doesn’t eat anything it’s an ingredient in. 

  • 9. Baked goods contain too much sugar, or may have chocolate, which shouldn’t be fed to either cats or dogs in the slightest amount.  Call your vet if you think they may have eaten anything containing chocolate. 


We usually end up going a bit overboard on Christmas, but it doesn’t have to include our pets.  The extra people in the house and hustle and bustle in the kitchen and can be a bit much for pets, anyway.  Provide a quiet corner for them so they can get away for a while.  When you sit down for your meal, make sure guests know not to feed the four-legged beggars with the sad eyes.  If you really want to include your beloved canine in your family meal, try this little doggy casserole from The Bark, and cats will enjoy these turkey jerky nibblers that are easy to make! 


Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   


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