Daylight hours have become noticeably less, and so are our landscaping duties! If you’d like to bring the outside in but are concerned about the plants needing sunlight, don’t worry.  Many houseplants can be tucked away inside for Winter that thrive in low
 light!  Find one, or two, in this list: 


  • Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreen, has many hybrids, and come with splashes of silver and red.  Not only will you have a plant that doesn’t need a lot of watering, but you’ll have a plant that brightens without having to buy a bouquet of fresh flowers every week! 

  • Using contrast in your rooms can apply to plants as well.  Calathea is a plant with variegated leaves, and some types have red stems and undersides of its leaves.  Placed in a corner with light-colored walls will make this low-light lover take the stage! 

  • What sounds tougher than cast iron plant (Aspidistra)? These long-leafed plants thrive in shady spots, can handle poor soil, and if you forget to water them, they will survive! 

  • Corn plant or dragon tree, (Dracaena fragrans) is a great plant if you’re looking for height.  It might need pruning once it starts getting too tall but is great for medium light.  Children would love to tell their friends they have a dragon tree in their house! 

  • Turn your room into a tropical oasis with parlor palms (neanthe bella)!  The best thing about this palm is that it doesn’t grow very tall and can do well in virtually any amount of light. 

  • Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a common houseplant, and rightly so.  While enjoying medium-low light, they do need water at least once per week to keep their beautiful dark green leaves and white blossoms. 

  • There are so many types of philodendron that you can find one for any houseplant need you have.  They prefer medium-low light, but in perfect conditions, they can grow tall. You get a bonus with philodendron, as they are proven air-cleaners! 

  • If you have a dark corner but no space for placing a container on the floor or furniture, pothos is the plant for you. The trailing vine is perfect to hang in a dark corner, and there are several hybrids to choose from. 

  • Does your grandmother have a pot of Swedish ivy that she’s been caring for as long as you can remember?  Plectranthus verticillatus grows very well in low light and be sure it has plenty of room to spread its trailing vines.  

  • When there’s little light and almost no room for a plant in your home, a terrarium filled with mosses, small-growing ferns, Pilea glauca “Aquamarine,” and sweet flag (Acorusare just a few of the plants that will grow well tucked inside an enclosed case.  Learn more about this age-old type of gardening. 


Bringing the outside in doesn’t mean you have to use the only sunny spot in the house.  Growing green things indoors can keep the air clean, and boost your spirits, both of which are important, not only during the dark Winter months but year-round. 

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins


Photo credit: gear patrol