Buying or selling a home is scary, happy, sad, exciting and the list goes on.  The emotions we all go through can be from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Homes tend to be our castles, our places to get away from the rest of the world, to just be us with no questions asked and nothing expected.  For this reason buying or selling your home is a pretty big deal.  Perhaps one of the biggest you may be involved with in your lifetime.    Let’s take a look at a bit of home buying/selling psychology to see what all might be involved and how to get through it all.   


  1. 1. Some times people get their mind set on that particular house, without giving much thought as to just how many hours they may have to work to keep it.  Think about your priorities when you are planning to buy a new home, then figure out which is more important to you….the house being exactly as you have planned in your mind or the amount of quality time you will be able to spend there with your family.  


  3. 2. If you want to purchase a large home, you may have to come up with a pretty big down payment.  Think about whether or not you will have enough cash left over to decorate your place to fit your vision.  Perhaps buying a smaller home with a smaller down payment might work better for you desire a larger decorating budget.   


  5. 3. When selling your place, consider if you really want to give up all the wonderful things you have done while there.  For instance if you have built a nice grill area in the backyard or a water feature or even put in a pool, spend some time thinking about if you really want to leave all of that behind.   


  1. 4. Keep in mind that your children may have become quite fond of their home and may or may not be so easy to uproot from the place they have known all their life.  Is it worth it to move out from under the roof that sheltered precious memories? 


There are many different emotions that you may experience whether you plan to sell your home or buy another one.  Now that you have become more aware of a few of them you may be better able to cope with what may come your way.