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New Castle Market Watch for November 2015

by Tucker Robbins

New Castle County home sales are trending upward with 559 homes sold in November 2015 compared to 529 in November 2014. The average sales price rose 6.96% in November to $249,336 from $233,115 in November 2014.

new castle de market watch

Courtesy of New Castle DE Realtor Tucker Robbins.

How to Sell Your Home With Children Living In It

by Tucker Robbins


You may think that it might be impossible to sell your home while you and your children are living in it, especially if you have a lot of small children.  Selling your home doesn’t have to be a major headache as there are many tips and tricks to get the job done even with the little ones running around making messes everywhere.  Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to sell your home despite the "little people".

  • A good idea to get your kids involved in the process of selling your home is to get them to take care of any clutter they may see around the house.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be clutter they created, just any kind of mess that may be lying around will do.  Kids love to feel helpful and what better way to help them feel helpful than to get them to help.  If you have older kids you can perhaps motivate them with a bit of cash to get the job done correctly. 
  • You and your kids need to make a plan for when someone comes to tour your home so that you can all get out of the house together and have something fun to do.  When you have a last minute showing you and your children will easily remember that plan and head out together to wherever you have already decided upon.  A good place to go if it is summertime or springtime is the local park; if it’s cold the library might be a good option. 
  • Have your children be in charge of packing their own rooms away for the future move.  They can easily pick through their toys and pick out the ones they don’t play with as often and go ahead and pack them away in boxes.  This is also cool to do because once you finally make the big move it will feel like Christmas to them when they open the boxes filled with toys they had forgotten they had. 

Whatever you do, try to make the packing and moving as low key as you possibly can, for your sake as well as your children’s.  Kids can sense when you are upset or stressed about something and then they can upset and stressed.  Do your part to make the transition of selling your home as smooth as possible. 

Courtesy of Wilmington DE Realtor Tucker Robbins.

Tips to Stay Warm This Winter without Running up Your Power Bill

by Tucker Robbins

warm feet

It’s that time of year again, time for all of us to wrap up in a blanket and or turn up the heat in our homes.  This time of year is called winter and it can be daunting to say the least.  Many of you may be wondering how you can stay warm inside of your home this winter without breaking the bank by turning up your heat and making your power bill skyrocket.  Below you will find a few tips to stay warm this winter without running up your power bill.

  • Heated rug pads are a great way to stay warm this winter.  Yes there are things such as these and you need only to do an online search for them to find one of your very own.  Simply place a heated rug pad underneath your area rug in your den and voila you will be warm and toasty in no time!
  • Heated mattress covers are also a great thing to think about purchasing to make it through the winter.  These types of things use electricity of course but they are not going to cause your power bill to go up as much as turning up that dial on your thermostat.  Heated mattress covers can be found in area local department stores. 
  • Heated slippers are a fun an innovative product to add to your Christmas wish list this year.  These can be purchased at your local department store as well and will do a great job of keeping your little tootsies warm this winter.  Imagine the warmth and coziness that heated slippers will provide you during the long cold nights ahead!
  • One really silly but fun and innovative invention that is now available is heated toilet seats.  These types of seats will run you about $122 online but think about all the savings you will have with your power bill by using something as silly and simple as this to stay warm.
  • Of course you can always use an extra large heavy blanket to curl up in this winter to keep warm.  Use these types of blankets to make your family time more fun by piling under it with as many of your family members as you can get under one.  All you will need besides the blanket is a movie and a bucket of popcorn and you will be set! 

Don’t let the cold air of winter get you down, use some of these ideas to stay warm  and keep that electricity bill at bay. 

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtor Tucker Robbins.

Ways to Downsize Your Home and Save Big

by Tucker Robbins

save money

Although the economy has improved some over the last few years, it doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot better for most Americans.  A good way to save money is to downsize your home.  This is especially a good idea if you have already raised your family and you and your husband are left paying a mortgage on a home that is too large for you.  Let’s take a look at how downsizing your home will help you to save a bit of money, to live more comfortably as well as some easy ways that you can downsize.

  • One easy way to downsize is to look for a home that has a small garage or even no garage at all.  If you and your spouse are living in the home alone and your children are grown it is likely that you don’t have a bunch of stuff to store in a garage.  Buying a home without a garage is a great way to get more house for your money and to downsize your payment. 
  • Finding a home without a lot of land is another way to downsize and to save big.  You can find a lot of cute houses on the market these days that don’t have a ton of land with them.  It is also good to find a home without a lot of land if you are older and don’t have the stamina you once had to do all the yard work that is involved with a house with a lot of land attached. 
  • Buying a home that is one story is also a good way to downsize and to save when it comes to buying a new home.  Buying a home without stairs is good for when you get older as well because you won’t want to or may not be able to climb them once you get up in years. 
  • Realize that you don’t have to give up on the home of your dreams when you downsize.  There are plenty of adorable houses on the market that won’t break your bank account that are 1500 square feet or less.  Don’t let society dictate to you that you need a large house in order to fit in.  There are plenty of upsides to downsizing to a smaller home!

Once you set your mind in the right direction and you realize that you don’t need to have a huge house and that it’s no longer important to “keep up with the Jones’’ you will be well on your way to saving a lot of money.

Courtesy of New Castle County Realtor Tucker Robbins!

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4

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