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Organizing Your Home Made Simple

by Tucker Robbins































It is almost time for the seasons to change once again as we move from fall slowly into winter.  As the seasons change many people find that they like to get things around their home organized to make the transition seem smoother.  Organizing your home can be made simple with a few of the following tips. 

  1. One way to organize your home is to get rid of “junk drawers” throughout the house. Many times folks tend to throw things they don’t know what to do with into a drawer that soon becomes a drawer full of junk. While these drawers DO keep the junk out of the eye of those that come to visit, you just never know when someone may open one of them looking for utensils or other useful items and you may be embarrassed by them.  Simple fix…..throw out the junk once and for all and have no more junk drawers in your home!
  2. Another great and simple way to organize your home   is to organize and de-clutter your pantry.  Typically there are items in your pantry that you haven’t used in years and they end up just sitting there taking up space.  This is very true for old canned food items that tend to have a shelf life of forever.   Once you get this simple organizing of your pantry complete, be sure not to let it get messy again by throwing away things you don’t use periodically. 
  3. Yet another simple way to organize your home  is to use all of your closet space for things you will actually use instead of just getting things out of the way.   If you have a lot of games for example why not make a game closet just for the purpose of storing all of your family games.  This type of closet will make it more likely that your family may have a game night once a week because you will know exactly where to go to find the games. 
  4. Keeping all of the books in the house in one spot is another great organization tip.  If you have various bookshelves in your home, you can utilize them for other purposes and keep one for only books.  Organize each shelf for books from each family member if you have a lot of books.  

​​Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   

Quick Home Improvements

by Tucker Robbins

home improvements




























Home improvements can many times take a lot of time and can easily overwhelm you.  The home improvements listed in list article are some that won’t take you a lot of time.  Likely you will be able to get these home improvements done in just a matter of a day or so.   Whether you want to do these home improvements for your own enjoyment or you plan to sell your house, these will get you started in the right direction and won’t take up a lot of your time.   


  1. First on the list of quick home improvements is to simply change your front door hardware.  This is a simple and easy fix that won’t take you long at all and it is one that won’t cost you a lot either.   

  1. Painting the front door a bright color is another quick home improvement that can really make a big difference in the way your house looks.  Red is a popular color that can make a statement to those who pass by your home.  Another great color to use on your front door is a bright teal color.  Both of these colors are very popular these days so if you want to be part of what is in, you should use one of these colors.   

  1. Another quick home improvement that can make a huge impact on how your home looks is to upgrade your house numbers.  You can buy fancy glass or ceramic tiles with your house number on them to match your newly painted door.   

  1. Painting outdated or old furniture in your home is another quick home improvement that can make your house look awesome.   

  1. Updating your kitchen and bathroom fixtures is a quick home improvement that is easy to do and will make your house look the best it can look.   

  1. If you have an old fireplace that is no longer able to be used, why not put some candles in it to spruce it up a bit.  This is a nice cozy improvement to make especially during the upcoming colder months.   


Again, home improvements don’t have to take a ton of time to make a huge difference on how your house looks.   


Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   

New Castle County DE Real Estate Market Watch For October 2016

by Tucker Robbins

New Castle County DE listings decreased 4.76% in October 2016 with 38 fewer homes being listed. The average sales price increased 4.94% to $252,037, and market times decreased by 1 day.

​​new castle county real estate

Ideas and Tips for Brightening Your Home

by Tucker Robbins

As you already know, the “fall back” time change has taken place.  This means that it will likely be getting dark before many of you get home from work in the evenings.  Brightening up your home will become more important to you during this time of year as most of us don’t like coming home to a dark house after a long day at work.  Below are a few ideas and tips for home lightening that may be helpful to you. 

  1.  An easy way to brighten up your house without having to purchase any new lighting is to add mirrors to reflect the light you already have in your home.  This is a great way to make a room seem brighter and lighter that won’t cost you a lot of money.  You can find decorative mirrors anywhere but if you really don’t want to spend a lot, try looking at your local yard sales for a steal of a find. 
  2. Another idea for  brightening up your home  is to install dimmers on the lights you already have.  This is a good way to make a dimly lit room into a brighter situation easily.  When you want more light all you have to do is to turn the dimmer switch up instead of buying more lighting for a particular room. 
  3. If you want a room to appear brighter, a great way to do it that is to add a few fake windows with some led lightning.  This would be a good idea for a basement room that may likely look quite gloomy otherwise.  This particular idea is a bit “out of the box” but it is a good one none the less. 
  4. Paint can also go a long way to making a dark dreary room look a bit brighter.  You don’t always have to paint a room white to make it look brighter however, grays and other neutral tones will do quite well. 
  5. If you want your home to look brighter and not so dark, why not add shear shades instead of heavy curtains.  This is a good tip for those of you who love the look that window treatments give to a home without the dark dreary feel many curtains can give. 

These are just a few ideas and tips for brightening up your home.  There are many others like these to choose from but these will get you started thinking in the right direction.  

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   

How to Eliminate Smells So That Your House Might Sell

by Tucker Robbins











If you have recently put your house on the market and want it to sell quickly you may need to take a look at a few of these tips on how to eliminate smells so that your house will be more likely to sell. While selling your home quickly may sound good to you, you may not be thinking about exactly how clean your house smells when you have a last minute showing pop up.  If you are caught in a bind with a last minute showing and you need to get rid of a few household odors, be sure to read below for some ideas. 

  1. If you have pets you already know that they have a smell all their own.  Pets that may not be house trained yet may be hard to deal with during a house showing.  If you need to cover up the smell of pet urine quickly there are several ways to go about it.  One way to get rid of pee smell in the carpet is to soak the area with enzyme spray.  Another way to get rid of the smell all together (however it may take a bit longer) is to get rid of the carpet once and for all and put in hardwoods. 
  2. Another way to eliminate smells so that your house might sell is to open up your windows while you are cooking.  If you know you have a showing one night, be sure to keep your windows open while you are cooking with the hood fan on as well.  Another good way to get rid of the smell of a recently prepared meal in your home is to set a bowl of coffee grounds on the countertop over night (if your showing doesn’t happen to be the same evening of course.)  If you don’t want to take any chances of having your dinner linger during the showing you could always just go out to eat for the evening. 
  3. Garbage smell in a home is some of the worst odor possible.  One easy way to get rid of that particular smell is to be sure and take it to the curb before you leave for the showing. 

These are just a few ways that you can get rid of smells in your home  so that your showing might go well and you may be more able to sell your home.  Hopefully they will get you started in the right direction.  

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins. 

A Few Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Condo

by Tucker Robbins













If owning your own home isn’t on your agenda and you would rather purchase a condo or townhome to make things a bit easier on yourself, you are not alone.  There are several things however that you should consider and think about before purchasing a condo and a few of those things are listed below. 

  1. One thing to consider when purchasing a condo   is who the manager is.  If you have a manager that is easy to deal with then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you have a manager that doesn’t see eye to eye with you on things you may find yourself wishing you never would have purchased a condo. 
  2. There are fees associated with owning a condo.  You should definitely check into the fees associated with your particular condo before purchasing it.  These fees can range anywhere from $200 to $400 per month or year depending on how upscale the condo is you want to purchase. 
  3. Looking at the condo financial statements is a great way to see if you really want to purchase a condo or not.  For example if the condos financial statements do not include paying for repairs on a broken street light, you may end up seeing the repair costs tagged on to your bill.  Taking these types of things into consideration could sway your decision one way or the other regarding purchasing.  If you find that repairs on such things are not included in a particular condos financial statements you may want to search for a condo that does cover them. 
  4. Knowing the rules of condo living can make or break your decision of purchasing as well.  Some condos don’t allow holiday decorations while others just tell you where to park.  It’s up to you to decide what is most important to you and what rules simply do not matter that much, however knowing the rules is imperative. 
  5. Checking out the condos liability insurance to make sure there are no pending lawsuits against it is also a good idea. 

These things to consider before purchasing a condo are just the tip of the ice berg.  Do your due diligence, ask questions and find out all there is to know about condo living  before sinking your money into a one you are not happy with. If you do all of this and you are satisfied, you will likely enjoy condo living and all it has to offer.  

Courtesy of New Castle County DE Realtors Tucker Robbins and Carol Arnott Robbins.   

Displaying blog entries 1-6 of 6

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