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Summer Concert Series 2018 New Castle County Parks

Summer Concert Series 2018 New Castle County Parks

The 2018 Performance Schedule has been set. Please bring a picnic and a blanket or chair. Concerts start at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted. While the concerts are free, please remember that park entry fees are in effect. $4 daily pass Delaware vehicles, $8 for out of state. Annual passes are $35 resident, or $18 senior (62+).

Bellevue Park 800 Carr Rd, Wilmington   Concert Hotline (302) 761-6965

White Clay Creek Park - Carpenter Recreation Area, 880 New London Rd., Newark  Concert Hotline (302) 368-6560

Rockford Park - Rockford Tower 2000 Lookout Drive, Wilmington  Concert Hotline (302) 222-7436

The Sugar Bowl at Brandywine Park - Intersection of Baynard Blvd & Washington St at end of Washington Street Bridge

Centreville Park

Sunday June 3              Diamond State Concert Band     Marches, Show Tunes                         Bellevue State Park

Wednesday June 6       Newark Community Band           Marches, Broadway Showtunes          White Clay Creek Park

Thursday June 7           BLEECH                                      Modern, Alternative, Indie,Classic Rock Bellevue State Park

Sunday June 10           Malarkey Brothers                        Celtic Folk/Rock Band                        Bellevue State Park

Monday June 11           Mason Porter                                Americana                                          Rockford Park

Wednesday June 13     The Souldaires                             Funk/Soul/R & B                                Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday June 13    To the Max                                    High Energy Funk/Soul/R&B Horn Band White Clay Creek  Park      

Thursday June 14         Flatland Drive                              Traditional Bluegrass                            Bellevue State Park

Sunday June 17            Hand Me Down World                  Guess Who Tribute Band                    Bellevue State Park

Monday June 18            Ginger Coyle                               Soulful Rock                                         Rockford Park

Wednesday June 20     Danny Paisley & Southern Grass  Traditional Bluegrass                          White Clay Creek Park

Wednesday June 20      Spokey Speaky                           Reggae                                                 Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Thursday June 21          287th Army Band                        Patriotic Music and Marches                 Bellevue State Park

Sunday June 24            Lima Bean Riot                            Philadelphia's Premier Party Band        Bellevue State Park

Monday June 25             Earth Radio                                Indie Folk                                               Rockford Park

Wednesday June 27      Revolution Heroes                        Blues                                                    White Clay Creek Park

Wednesday June 27       Joy Ike Trio                                 Pop/Soul/Foulk                                     Sugar Bowl at Brandywine 

Thursday June 28          Big Package                                 Funk & Soul Band                                Bellevue State Park

Sunday July 1                  U S Navy Country Current            Country & Bluegrass                          Bellevue State Park 

Thursday July 5              Innoko                                           Indie/Folk/Rock                                   Bellevue State Park

Sunday July 8 6 pm        Jimmy & the Parrots                     Jummy Buffet Tribute Band                 Bellevue Park

Monday July 9                Spokey Speakey                            Reggae                                              Rockford Park

Monday July 10                                                                                                                                Centreville Park 

Wednesday July 11      The Bullbuckers                              Ska/Reggae                                         Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday July 11       big Band from the Valley                Big Band                                              White Clay Creek Park

Thursday July 12            West Chester Swing Kings           Broadway Show Tunes                        Bellevue Park

Sunday July 15              Boy in Black                                   Reliving the Johnny Cash Experience    Bellevue Park

Monday July 16             Bruce & Sam                                  Jazz/Blues/Folk                                  Rockford Park

Wednesday July 18      Bria Noel                                        Rock/Funk/Soul                                   Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday July 18      Karen Rodriguez & Latin Jazz        Latin Jazz                                           White Clay Creek Park

Thursday July 19           Mystic Warriors                               Sounds of the Incas                           Bellevue Park

Sunday July 22              Chorduroy                                       Rock, Blues Soul                               Bellevue Park

Monday July 23              Youth Night                                    Select local youth bands                   Rockford Park

Wednesday July 25       Pristine Raeign                                Funk /Soul/R&B                                Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday July 25        Kategory 5                                      Classic Rock                                     White Clay Creek Park

Thursday July 26            USNA Superintendents                   Combo                                              Bellevue Park

Sunday July 29               Kategory 5                                      Classic Rock                                      Bellevue Park

Monday July 30              Cecilia Grace                                  Comco                                                Rockford Park

Wednesday Aug 1          Dukes of Destiny                            Blues & Soul                                       White Clay Creek Park

Wednesday Aug 1           Jea Street                                      Singer/Songwriter                               Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Thursday Aug 2               John Flynn                                      Family Concert - Singer                     Bellevue Park

Sunday Aug 5                  Spokey Speaky                              Roots Reggae                                     Bellevue Park

Monday Aug 6                  Blues Reincarnation Project          Blues                                                   Rockford Park

Wednesday Aug 8            Ginger Coyle                                  Soulful Folk                                         Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday Aug 8            US Navy Cruisers                          High Energy jazz, rock, blues             White Clay Creek

Thursday Aug 9                Nice Like Dat                                  Folk, Bles & Bluegrass                       Bellevue Park

Sunday Aug 12                 The Big Jangle                                Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers tribute   Bellevue Park

Monday Aug 13                 Revolution Heroes                          Blues/Classic Rock                            Rockford Park

Monday Aug 13                                                                                                                                    Centreville Park

Wednesday Aug 15          Nalani & Sarina                               Soul Rock/Modern Pop                       Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday Aug 15           Monkeephiles                                 Monkees Tribute Band                       White Clay Creek Park   

Thursday Aug 16               USAF - Rythm in Blue                    Jazz                                                    Bellevue Park   

Sunday Aug 19                  The Core                                       Eric Clapton Tribute Band                   Bellevue Park

Wednesday Aug 22           Youth Night                                                                                                Sugar Bowl at Brandywine

Wednesday Aug 22           kRUSH                                            RUSH Tribute Band                          White Clay Creek

Thursday Aug 23               Seven Rings                                   Irish Pub songs, Tunes & Ballads     Bellevue Park

Sunday August 26 6 pm    Re-Live the Beatles                         The Beatles tribute                           Bellevue Park

Monday Sept 3  3pm          Leather & Lace                               Stevie Nicks Tribute                          White Clay Creek

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